CrossAfrica Water Solutions brings you the Sterapore Ultra-Filtration system, with advanced hollow-fibre membrane technology from Mitsubishi Chemical Aqua Solutions.

In recent years, the membrane-separation, activated-sludge process (membrane bio-reactor) has been gaining attention as a new technology for water recycling that can protect the Earth’s limited water resources and the environment as a whole.

Offering a wide range of water recycling and waste water treatment applications, it is an easy-to-maintain system, and its high permeability makes it the ideal compact water recycling solution.

Why choose Sterapore?

  • The ultrafiltration system filters all particles down to 0.001 microns.
  • The system incorporates Mitsubishi Chemical Cleansui hollow-fibre membrane technology.
  • The system is space-saving, and requires no clarifiers and no sand filtration process.
  • The system is easy to maintain.
  • Enjoy improved water quality.
  • The system uses a chemical-free process.
  • A durable membrane ensures lasting technology treatment.

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