CrossAfrica Water Solutions supplies plumbed-in water dispenser solutions to homes and businesses across Africa.

Using micro-filtration technologies from Mistubishi Chemical Cleansui hollow-fibre membrane filters, you can ensure that your family members, employees, colleagues or customers receive good, healthy and environmentally-clean water every day.

What a Cleansui built-in filtration system gives you :

  • Hot and cold filtered, clean water.
  • Water that is purified of 99.99% of bacteria.
  • Savings on all types of plastic bottles.
  • A reduction of your carbon footprint.
  • An improvement of office security.

Our commercial filter cartridges that have a 3 year lifetime capacity, can be plumbed in to run single or multiple dispensers. Then we have a more robust Point of Entry system, which is plumbed directly onto the main water supply

For monthly rental options or rent-to-own solutions:

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Single Water Dispensing

Small Office & Home Kitchen

Multiple Water Dispensing

Medium size enterprises

Up to 7 dispensers

Multiple Water Dispensing

Large size enterprise buildings, schools, health care facilities.