1994 – 2010

1994 – Commenced trading in SA as a branch office of Verbatim EUMEA, wholly-owned by Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Company (MCHC), dominating the storage media landscape for 22 years.
2010 – Launched first-generation LED retrofit range.

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2011 – 2016

2012 – CLEANSUI water filtration solutions come on board.

2016 – A restructure of the EUMEA region led to the formation of the CrossAfrica Group, a ‘basket’ of specialised, independent companies positioned to exclusively market and distribute selected MCHC brands and technologies across Africa.

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2017 – 2018

2017 – Completed and installed prototype Safi 2 point-of-entry micro filtration system.

2018 – Installed first submergible Mitsubishi Sterapore MBR as part of a broader water recycling plant in the Western Cape.

2018 – Rolled out and built second-generation Safi 2 and Safi 4.

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