CrossAfrica is a specialist water filtration company using ‘state of the art technologies’ to deliver clean and safe water for all applications. Consumers and businesses alike need cost effective and innovative solutions which to meet the ever-changing landscape of water demand and usage.

The challenges associated with increased water scarcity and quality on the African continent is our call to action. Health benefits, Economic benefits, Awareness to the environment and Lovely tasting water are four key touch points that translates our purpose and mission. “HEAL”

To achieve such, it is important that our targeted areas of focus remain broad and all inclusive. Our solutions thus range across Point of UsePoint of EntryWater DispensingWater Recycling and Industrial Waste Water treatment sectors. Our sophisticated and premium Ultra Filtration (UF)and Micro Filtration (MF)membranes, manufactured by Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, is the catalyst around which our solutions are adapted, built, delivered and installed to meet customer specifications and sustained quality standards.