Cape Town water crisis: Day Zero – is this set to become the new normal?

The urgency surrounding saving water in South Africa was recently highlighted when Cape Town became the world’s first major city that was faced with an imminent crisis of taps that run dry. While it seems that Cape Town’s Day Zero has been moved back due to recent rain that fell in the area, two other towns in the Eastern Cape put water shedding measures in place on 6 August 2018.

The two towns, Hankey and Patensie, are a part of the Kouga Municipality, and their residents will have to get used to only having water from 04:30 to 08:00 and then from 16:00 to 20:00, with the two days designated for washing getting three more hours of water access. This has been done to stretch the small amount of water left in the Kouga Dam.

It has become abundantly clear of late that although water is a renewable resource, its sustainability is questionable. Especially in the face of the continuous drought that South Africa is facing, saving water should not just be something we try to do – it should be considered a priority.

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